Winter League

Rules, Dates & Formats

Winter League Rules

• It’s a pairs format
• It’s run over 16 weeks
• You are allowed a sub as many times as you like until the knockout
stages when you must play with your partner
• Yellow blocks until orange blocks are in play
• Top 16 qualify for the knockout stages
• There will be an optional sweep each week
• If a week is cancelled it will not be replayed except the final week
• 30 points for 1st place each week

25 points for 2nd place each week
20 points for 3rd place each week
17 points for 4th place each week
16 points for 5th place each week going down to
1 point for 20th place

Dates & Formats

Oct 8th Foursomes – ½ combined handicap
Oct 15th 4BBB Stableford- 90% handicap
Oct 22nd 2 Flag Challenge- full handicap
Oct 29th Greensome Foursomes- ½ combined handicap
Nov 5th 4BBB Stableford- 90% handicap
Nov 12th 2 Ball Texas Scramble- 25% combined handicap
Nov 19th 4BBB Medal- 90% handicap
Nov 26th Greensome Foursomes-1/2 combined handicap
Dec 3rd 3 club + putter- full handicap
Dec 10th Irish Stableford- full handicap
Dec 17th 4BBB Stableford- 90% handicap
Jan 7th 2 Ball Texas Scramble- 25% combined handicap
Jan 14th B***ard Greensomes- ½ combined handicap
Jan 21st 4BBB Medal- 90% handicap
Jan 28th 3 club + putter- full handicap
Feb 4th 4BBB Stableford- 90% handicap

Last 16 to be played by 18th Feb
QF to be played by 4th March
SF to be played by 18th March
Final to be played by 31st March

  • 2018-09-20
  • 2018-09-21
  • 2018-09-22
  • 2018-09-23
  • 2018-09-24
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20.09.2018 11:57
Course Closed due to heavy rainfall flooding the course. The Pro Shop will be closed at 3pm
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