Welcome to the Greenkeeping Team Jim

Jim joined us in April of 2018 and has made a positive impression on the existing team.

Blandford Fly Advice

Please take care during May and June on the 15th.

Blandford Fly bites are most common during May and June. They usually occur on the ankles/legs and can be very painful. They may produce a severe, localised reaction around the area of the bite.

Advice for prevention is to cover your ankles and legs when outside and use insect repellent.

Tips if you get bitten:

1. Clean the bite area and dry gently.
2. Do not scratch, this could lead to infection.
2. Apply cold compress or calamine lotion.
3. Hydrocortisone cream may reduce inflammation.
4. Antihistamine tablets can help if taken promptly.
5. Antihistamine creams are not recommended as
they themselves can cause skin reactions.
6. Cover large blisters with a dry dressing.
7. If bites are on the lower limbs there may be
swelling of the ankles and feet for several days –
do not worry about this - just rest with the feet
supported on a stool whenever possible.

Complications requiring medical advice:

1. Discomfort / swelling or red lines appearing in the groin area or armpit.
2. Fever.
3. Spreading redness/hotness around the bite lasting longer than 3 days.

Insect repellent is available at the Pro Shop should you require some prior to your round.


We are always grateful to receive feedback from visitors and like to share good news. During the course of the year we will add to the comments below as they come in.

May 2018

I had the good fortune of playing your course yesterday 17 May - we have been playing your course over the last 17 years - and I just wanted to congratulate your team I have never seen the course looking better.
We had the benefit of not having players behind us and so could spend a few minutes admiring the views and recently planted trees. It is a place of beauty.
My first impression on seeing your course from the car park in 2001 was that I was looking at a real golf course but after yesterday my view is that its a piece of Art.

Rest assured I will spread the good news.
We will be back next year.

Ian Orford

ps The golf wasn't bad either

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