Herefordshire Golf Club

Entrant List for Ladies AM-AM

84 players have been signed up for this competition as of 10:32 AM Thursday 25th July

Elaine (2) Adams (Shrewsbury Golf Club)
Patricia Alexander (Shrewsbury Golf Club)
Janie Allman (27.3)
Christine Anning (Alexander Park Resort Golf Club)
Ros Ashton (Ross-on-Wye)
Amanda Ballinger (Cotswold Hills)
Elaine Barry (Worcester)
Caroline Beavan (17.2)
Michelle Bell (Worcester)
Gill Boase (19.5)
Jan Boreham (Cradoc Golf Club)
Mrs Pauline M Brown (Brickhampton Court)
Olive Brown (Shifnal)
Helen Calcutt (Shifnal)
Helen Crequer (Cotswold Hills)
Karen Darby (2.3)
Sylvia Glynne Davies-Hall (Leominster Golf Club)
Kay Eames (18.5)
Nicky Edwards (Woodlake Park)
Joanne Ellis (Brickhampton Court)
Gill Ferguson (Shrewsbury Golf Club)
Sally Fycun (Ross-on-Wye)
Diane J Gibson (Leominster Golf Club)
Susie Goodall (Shrewsbury Golf Club)
Sarah Griffiths (22.8)
Gail Halford (Worcester)
Lynn Hanley (33.8)
Emma Harris (7.9)
Jo Hawes (11.8)
Jan Haycock (Woodlake Park)
Jacqueline Hayes (Woodlake Park)
Ruth Hickman (Shifnal)
Alexis Hill (Brickhampton Court)
Liese Huckerby (The Worcestershire Golf Club)
Leanne Jenkins (Worcester)
Steph Jenkins (Cradoc Golf Club)
Susan Jenkins (Ombersley)
Julie Jones (The Worcestershire Golf Club)
Geraldine Kelly (Alexander Park Resort Golf Club)
Lynette Kent (Worcester)
Annette Laney (15.9)
Carys Lewis (Worcester)
Niramon Lewis (Worcester)
Eve Lynes (The Worcestershire Golf Club)
Bridget MacAulay (Cotswold Hills)
Pamela Mason (Shrewsbury Golf Club)
Catherine Maund (Ombersley)
Pat Mullen (26.5)
Jane Murphy (Worcester)
Rebecca Murphy (27.6)
Lesley Myers (Ombersley)
Jane Nicklin (Worcester)
Patricia R Owen (Leominster Golf Club)
Julie Palmer (Worcester)
Kath Parsons (Leominster Golf Club)
Pat Perkins (Woodlake Park)
Jenny Poole (The Worcestershire Golf Club)
Elizabeth Powell (Leominster Golf Club)
Julie S Powell (Alexander Park Resort Golf Club)
Kathy Radford (Worcester)
Andrea Richards (Worcester)
Shona Rollins (Worcester)
Pauline Savage (The Worcestershire Golf Club)
christine scott (Worcester)
Alison Shergold (Cotswold Hills)
Lesley Smith (Shifnal)
Christine Snell (Ross-on-Wye)
Helena Southall (31.9)
Nadia A Stirling (Ross-on-Wye)
Margaret Thomas (Worcester)
Margaret Thompson (Worcester)
Mrs Heather R Twaite (Ombersley)
Sarah Waddington (Worcester)
Jane Walker (Worcester)
Fran Ward (19.8)
Janice Waters (Worcester)
Janet Watkins (Cradoc Golf Club)
Helen Watson (Aberdovey Golf Club)
Jean Wilkinson (Worcester)
Janice Williams (Cradoc Golf Club)
Jill Williams (Worcester)
Rosemary Williams (Brickhampton Court)
Rosemary Williams (Ross-on-Wye)
Di Worth (Worcester)

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